Network for Intelligent and Self-Adapting Integration of Machines and Information Systems

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Goal of NIRO


  • Integration between machines and IT systems

  • Make integration more efficient

  • Various application domains in industry


  • Contact and communication platform

  • Community enabling synergies

  • International partners from industry and research


  • Development of new ideas and solutions

  • Research and development capabilities

  • Professional support for project funding

Research Topics

Thematically, the network focuses on an intelligent machine integration. This topic addresses a current and future problem situation in practice in the area of Industry 4.0 and represents a key technology for the implementation of Smart Factories. Based on existing practical and scientific experiences, the initial consortium of the network propose the following five research topics which should be addressed in the network.


Intelligent & self-adapting Integration

Plug-and-Play integration

Automated reuse and adaptation of integration knowledge


Big Machine Data

Processing and analyzing of large machine data streams


Cloud Services

Development of new cloud services

Integration and machine data processing "as a Service" solutions


Integration Platform

Prebuild integration environments

Interfaces, mappers, transformation languages and runtime environments


Integration Cockpit

Monitoring of integration and process relevant metrics

Automated alerting and escalation of incidents


Internet of Things Integration

Integration architectures for IoT

Scalability, flexibility, robustness and security

Join the NIRO Network

We are looking for further partners joining the network. Partners should be mainly industrial partners with integration problems, solution and technology providers with integration solution components and research partners with an active interest in the adressed research topics. If are interessted in this network please contact the network coordinator.

Your Benefit

  • International expert community for system integration

  • Cooperation platform for exchange of ideas and experiences

  • Support for invation development and research funding

  • For free without any obligations

Your Input

  • Integration problems, requirements and uses cases

  • Existing ideas, technologies and solution approches

  • Participation on workshops

  • You as member of the network


The initial network partner will organize network meetings and industrial workshops held in Germany and other countries. The purpose of these events are the presentation of possible project ideas and the identification and discussion of cooperation and funding possibilities. The events will be announced on this website.


  • Zagreb

    Industrial Workshop in Zagreb

    Partner presentation, project ideas and partner skills, funding possibilities, discussion and next steps


  • Leipzig

    Industrial Workshop in Budapest

    Partner presentation, project ideas and partner skills, funding possibilities

  • Berlin

    ZIM Innovation Day in Berlin

    Project presentation, IraSME and Cornet partnering event, partner meeting

  • Leipzig

    Network Meeting in Leipzig

    Kick-off NIRO network, core consortium, identification of research topics, project ideas and partner skills, funding possibilities, discussion and next steps

  • Bonn

    Workshop for Danube Network Projects

    Workshop about innovative research and development networks with partners in the Danube States

  • Budapest

    ICT Proposers Day EU 2020 in Budapest

    Funding possibilities and partner meetings

  • Novi Sad

    Network Meeting in Novi Sad

    Introduction NIRO network, project ideas, discussion and next steps

Network Partners

University of Leipzig

University of Leipzig

Software and System Integration Group
Dr. Heiko Kern and Dr. Fred Stefan

Leipzig, Germany

University of Novi Sad

University of Novi Sad

Faculty of Technical Sciences
Computing and Control Department
Prof. Dr. Ivan Luković

Novi Sad, Serbia

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Deptartment of Automation and Applied Informatics
Dr. László Lengyel and Dr. Gergely Mezei

Budapest, Hungary

University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Department of Applied Computing
Prof. Dr. Kresimir Fertalj

Zagreb, Croatia

University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana

Laboratory for Algorithms and Data Structures
Assist. Prof. Boštjan Slivnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia



Linz, Austria


BEIA Consult International

Bucharest, Romania


znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH

Grünwald, Germany


inray Industriesoftware GmbH

Schenefeld, Germany


Future Intelligence Ltd.

Athens, Greece


RTSoft GmbH

Ismaning, Germany


Pozi International

Budapest, Hungary


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for new partners from industry and research which are interested in the addressed research topics. The participation is for free and implies no further obligations. The idea is the bundling of forces in this field in order to tackle future research issues more efficient.

Network coordinator

University of Leipzig
Software and System Integration Group

Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Heiko Kern, Dr. Fred Stefan

+49 341 9732327

Project number: 01DS17027
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